Petroleum Resolution Envoys

Petroleum Resolution Envoys (PRE) provides transitional service to assist energy companies to efficiently resolve disputes with joint venture partners, buyers and suppliers, before they become a drain on the financial and human resources of the business. PRE identifies key issues, reviews supporting documentation, provides risk/reward metrics and assists management with negotiations and mediation for settlement.

PRE uses 'Shuttle Diplomacy' to resolve problems with non-core legacy disputes.

PRE can get involved in the early stage of the JV problem; bring alternative and innovative thinking to the issue based on extensive industry knowledge and seek to resolve the issues quickly before entrenched ideas limit the options for a speedy solution.

What gives PRE the credentials to provide this boutique service?

Combined 50+ years of  industry knowledge in resource JV operations, strong analytical and risk management skills, strong financial management credential, experience in Production Sharing Contract matters, extensive experience in gas commercialisation, knowledgeable energy business networks, sound communication skills and global experience in many geographical regions and jurisdictions buy levitra 20mg .

The Petroleum Resolution Envoys team provides a compelling and experienced capability available to undertake and coordinate resolution of industry disputes. We work practically with all involved parties to resolve outstanding commercial and technology disputes expeditiously and employ transparent and clear analysis and strategies to reach solutions that provide  win:win outcomes to all parties.

We're dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.
With us on your side, you are getting the best advice - and increasing your chances of a cost effective resolution to your disputes.

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